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Paint Information

Our paints are quality Valspar automotive paints. These are the same products we sell everyday to hundreds of auto body shops. Valspar has been in the paint business since 1804. It's paints have been used on just about everything including Charles Lindburg's plane the "Spirit of St. Louis". The company is very well known in the marine industry as a very high quality paint. Valspar is less known in the automotive arena but the products are comparable to other high quality brands such as PPG, DuPont, and Sikkens. In any event, you will not be dissapointed with our products. We use them ourselves because they are so good.

We sell four different types of paint for outboard motor restoration purposes. All of them will give you satisfactory results and last for many years.
1. Our most economical paints are the Synthetic Enamels. This paint provides good coverage, excellent adhesion, and good durability. Not recommended if you will need to color sand and buff.
2. A step up from the Synthetics are the Acrylic Enamels. They provide better durability and a slightly better gloss. Must use hardner if color sanding and buffing.
3. Our Urathane single step paint is a step up from the acrylics. It provides superior durability and shine. Can be color sanded and buffed to remove imperfections.
4. The highest quality paint is our basecoat / clearcoat system. This is what you want if your looking for the best durability and depth of gloss. The show quality jobs are mostly base/clear jobs. The base/clear system is also very user friendly and easy to apply. It can be color sanded and buffed to remove any imperfections as well.

As you can see, we have paint types to satisfy most customers. We do not offer laquers as they are being phased out by the EPA. We use the base/clear system exclusively on our restorations as it provides the best results. It is also much easier to fix when a mistake is made. You can also apply multiple colors or artwork using basecoats and then cover it all with clear.

Correct colors are available in all four types of paint. The colors are produced by either converting original formulas or matching original paintwork or signs. Original paint did vary slightly from lot to lot as color consistancy was not perfect back then. Our colors are accurate to the original formula or item matched but may vary slightly from another original sample.